The Functional Training Summit

The Functional Training Summit 900 525 Hans Muench

The 12th FT Summit in Munich, organised by Perform Better Europe, has grown to over 700 PT’s. Approx. 30 sponsors supported the event.

Many US speakers such as the renowned Mark Verstegen, Michael Boyle and national experts like Dr. Eberhard Schömmer provided high level content for personal trainers.

FMS (Functional Movement Screen), Animal Moves and further seminars provided practical tips to better serve the clients of the future and to stay ahead of the competition.

The FT Club has now reached 30 locations in five countries and is growing. So is the confidence of PT’s in their career path, as more of them are opening their own studios.

„The PT market is continuing to grow rapidly in the DACH region“, observed Hannes Thies, MD of PBE. This the largest of its kind in the DACH region, with attendees coming from as far away.

At FT Summit with André Ehrlich

Chris trying out FIVE mobility circuit

FT Summit Animal moves

Palonna of Slovenia at FT Summit

With Christophe and Charlotte at FT Summit


Passau, Germany and Leonding, Austria

From the summit, I continued my trip in Bavaria to celebrate my son’s graduation in Passau, Germany.

Julian and Felicia above Passau

Julian’s graduation

Julilan after his graduation

After the graduation, I visited the headquarters in Leonding with the „Emperor of Fitness“ in Austria, Gottfried Wurpes.



Meetings continued in the Munich area with Leos Sports Club’s Linda Schüürmann (who I am mentoring with her world work-travel project starting 2020).

Mentoring Linda Schüürmann Australia bound

This year, I decided to celebrate my birthday in Verbana and Lago d’Orta, Italy.  We spent the day with my friend Gianluca Scazzosi (whose birthday is on the same day) and his wife Sofia.

Chilling at Lago d’Orta

My Birthday Cake

Inside staircase Hotel Pallazzo Verbania

Island off San Guilio Lago d’Orta

Panorama Lago Maggiore

Verbania Garden

Verbania gardens during run


Upcoming in August:

I am looking forward to a longer journey in August: Flights to Reykjavik, Iceland and Toronto, Canada, where I am celebrating my mom’s 93rd birthday, and attending the CanFitPro Convention. I am also looking forward to spending time with my Toronto-based family together with my children Felicia and Julian.


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