The FIBO Week

The FIBO Week 900 600 Hans Muench

The FIBO week (Tuesday through Saturday for me) started differently, with my original flight being cancelled (caused by a strike at one of four airports in Germany), rebooking to an earlier flight to another city, but still made it in time for afternoon meetings, last minute printing for two clients and a wonderful dinner with old friend Yves Preissler who is now based in Dubai.

The European Health & Fitness Forum, one day before the FIBO, provided data on the European Market (presented by Deloitte), a new PT report and great networking with many of the approx. 400 delegates, culminating in a dinner at Rheinterassen overlooking the Rhein river with a view of the famous Köln cathedral. Pleased to experience my client BodyGee of Switzerland receive the FIBO Innovation award.

I exceeded three hundred people seen/spoken to over the FIBO days, which was a record for me. Straddling three different clients’ booths, interacting with three other clients who did not have a stand presence, gave two presentations and assisted in securing additional preferred booth space for one client for 2019.


After IHRSA, the FIBO is the most significant event of the year for me. It also pleased me to receive a number of requests from potential clients to engage. Not all will happen, but nonetheless pleased that my work is getting noticed.


People I have known and valued from five continuents were present at FIBO, from Tony DeLeede of Australia to Lillo Furca from Chicago, Ari Kalijisto from Helsinki and Edgard Corona of Sao Paolo, to name just a few.

Hans with Tony Deleede of Sydney, Australia

The legendary Greinwalder stand party on Friday night provided great stress release. Saturday, which was a trade and public day, allowed me to tie up some loose ends, visiting other booths and meeting with people I had not gotten to but who were on my list to meet.

Just a small selection of photos from my week:

Hans with Amelia Worner of JD Fitness, Hugo Braam and Sam Williams of Virtuagym

Aerobis Booth

Bryan O’Rourke at CJ booth with Rudy and Marc (and digital Hans)

Dr. Thomas Göke of Sys Team with Hans in Luzern

Ego Wellness Team

Eileen, Doug and Hans

GruP big screen at party


My flights to Köln for 2019 are already booked, and I look forward to staying with Suzanne and Sabine, where I have been renting a room for four years running.


Till next time, Cologne!