Staying in shape over 80: Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Staying in shape over 80: Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg 900 600 Hans Muench
Following up on my last posting regarding mental fitness, seniors (in this case Judge Ginsberg, 85 years old) feels that she still has 5 years on the bench of the most important court in the USA. This is possible, in part, through her commitment to keeping her body sharp, as can be seen by this video:

Helping my mother stay active

When my mother was 83 years old, she began using a personal trainer (which I financed) to help her with her balance and to strengthen muscles she needed for getting out of a chair, bending, climbing stairs, etc. This helped her maintain her independence – to this day she is still living alone in the house where I grew up. She has completed close to 60 sessions, mostly done in her home, though she has also ventured to a nearby fitness centre and also has done group exercise courses at a local community centre. I am very proud of her for doing this.