My Personal Review of the 1st half of 2017

My Personal Review of the 1st half of 2017 900 600 Hans Muench

The year 2017 started with my family in Toronto, Canada. Despite leaving my homeland in 1975, I have continued to go back each year at least once. This year it will be four times.

Logging 30 flights, an average of 5 per month, was consistent with my travel of the past years.

Events in Vienna, Bologna, Mallorca, Los Angeles, Paris, Köln (3x), Berlin, Kornwestheim/Stuttgart, Luzern, Madrid, London, Berne and Zürich have kept me busy.

Eight presentations to various groups including operators from a dozen countries, PT’s, examinars and training organisations.

Progress is being made in European standards with the CEN / DIN body, where I had the opportunity to present and give input.

Clients in six countries have kept me busy, including Virtuagym and Club Joy (NL), Water Form (FR), REX (Europe), Gymsound and Aerobis (DE) and SFGV/Dynamic Days (CH).

Articles published in the Swiss Fitness Tribune magazine on various topics kept me refining my perspective and sharing what I have observed.

Ahead are events in August in Toronto (CanFitPro), London (IHRSA’s European Congress) and a speaking engagement in Stockholm (MBM), both in October, with more to follow.

Proud of my first website, thanks to skilled work of Irina Katchan, based in Dubai. Thanks to Yves Preissler for giving me the nudge to do this.



One of my favourite performers, Gordon Lightfoot, is still touring at the age of 77. I have never heard him live, so I decided to travel 9.000km to catch his concert in Kelowna, BC in late October with my brother Guff, who lives in Vancouver.

One of my most enjoyable hobbies is chess, online and live in the centre of Winterthur with a variety of locals using a large board with meter-high figures. Playing tennis at TC Eulach this year regularly, have entered the club championships for the second time.

Current & Looking ahead:

Turning 59 years old July 12th, I feel like I am 45 (except after two hour tennis matches). Hiking in the Swiss alps this summer, visiting Tessin (the Italian part of Switzerland) and northern Italy, as well as a ten-day trip to Scotland and two weeks in Toronto will round out my summer.

My mother is now 90, and I try to see her three times per year. She is sharp, following most major tennis tournaments, one of her passions that started when I was a ranked junior player in Ontario.

My goal is to maintain monthly regularity in writing a blog, with changing topics including reviews of events, inspirations and observations from events and visits to leading clubs and perspectives on developments in various markets.