My trips in September.. and a free FitTech Webinar!

My trips in September.. and a free FitTech Webinar! 900 600 Hans Muench

Adapting to the „new normal“ of the Covid-19 age, I have continued to reduce my travel and practice safe prevention practices.

Continuing my Consulting: Tech in Gyms Webinar

For two organizations (Fit Tech Society and Glucker Kolleg PT Kongress that had planned live events but pivoted to digital) I recorded two webinars in English and German, which I managed to record and broadcast – it’s always an opportunity to learn new skills!


There were two trips:

First, a one day outing to visit the headquarters of FIVE near Donaueschingen in the Black Forest of Germany (Five is a mobility concept now part of Milon, the electronic strength and cardio equipment manufacturer) combined with a round of tennis with the managing director Christoph Limberger and a visit to my relatives south of Freiburg, Germany.

Tennis partner Christophe Limberger who is also MD of FIVE

A long weekend trip to Munich to celebrate the birthdays of my two adult children, combined with a stop at one of Hardys four clubs in Greifenberg, and a game of tennis at Sport Scheck/Fitness Station (where my career in Europe began in early 1980 when I ran a tennis camp for the Hawaii-based Peter Burwash organisation.

Birthday Schweinsbraten with family

Backgammon with my kids

Kids and their friends at Champions Bar

I also made short trips to Zurich/Greifensee to meet an equipment distributor and Constance (30 minutes from Winterthur across the border).

Showing Nicole Bauer and her nephew the sights of Winterthur

with Martin Seibold with daughter Laura and wife Julia in Constance

I also stayed active, playing tennis regularly (in one phase seven of eight days) and working out twice per week at my club Fritz Training in Illnau.

At my tennis club TC Eulach

In the vinyards above my village