My Trips in March

My Trips in March 900 600 Hans Muench

Things started normally in March, arriving back home in Winterthur, Switzerland (where I have been living for over six years) shortly before midnight after a four day, five city trip to Frankfurt, Bonn (Germany), Brussels, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Early March was also normal – visiting Munich, then off to Mallorca for Meet the Top (a „speed dating event for clubs and suppliers).

Meet the Topp tabletop meeting of Urban Sports Club

Virtuagym table at the end of a meeting with a club operator

Sharing breakfast with Meet the Top founder Hubert Horn

At the Mallorca airport with Swedish club owner Annie Fältmann and SensoPro Sales Director Kaspar Schmöcker, who played ice hockey in the Swedish league

From there via Luxembourg to Saarbrücken to lecture in the MBA Programme of the German University.

After the first two days of the course, with a robust and active class, we all were sent home due a potential COVID-19 case in a parallel class. While the person tested negative, it triggered a monumental change at this (and other) institutions moving to online delivery.

Mid March a partial lockdown here, with most countries in Europe closing non-essential businesses (unfortunately also health clubs). Events were being cancelled, including IHRSA San Diego, the Succeed Boutique/PT Convention (both in Southern California), Glucker Kolleg’s PT Congress (where I was scheduled to speak) and more.

The sudden slowdown gave me the chance to take in a number of Webinars, and I contributed to a couple of them as well as co-presenter (in German for Virtuagym, in English for REX). I have also maintained an exercise discipline with walks, yoga and even consumed online training.

More of us are wearing masks now when outdoors. Canada will require air passengers to wear masks starting in May

Corona stopped being produced in Mexico, but I was able to find one of the last 6 packs in my local supermarket.

Early April is a bellweather or barometer for health clubs’ relationships with their clients. How many people will still allow direct debits for dues, given no live training opportunities. Many clubs switched quickly to online alternatives, which (on the good side of this situation) has accelerated digital transformation for the sector. How many clients have embraced this?

The traditional live presentation of the German industry statistics (Eckdaten) became a virtual event after the lockdown.

I love to travel, and love the work I do. This helps me to keep healthy and have a positive mental attitude. I have also felt that there might come a time when travel will not be possible, for various reasons, and now is one of those times.

While things will likely still get worse before they get better, I reflect on the good things we have, and am grateful to have lived my dreams and realized my goals of health and happiness as well as an international career with friends all around the globe. Having lived and worked in seven countries, I feel blessed to have seen so much of the world, and been enriched by many wonderful people.

Old tennis coach friend Chris Torsani, changing jobs from consultant/presenter to garbageman in wake of Covid-19

There will be an „after“ the COVID-19 crisis. Many of us will be financially weaker, but hopefully we will have gained important insights and learnings that will make us appreciate what perhaps was taken for granted.

Thank you all for being part of my journey. Stay safe and strong.