My Ayurveda Retreat in Sri Lanka

My Ayurveda Retreat in Sri Lanka 900 600 Hans Muench

My sixth trip to this island paradise of 23 Million inhabitants living in a land recovering from the Tsunami and civil war of the previous decade.

Although Ayurveda, the „science of life“, was originated in India, Sri Lanka has developed many fine resorts. We tried a new one this time, and were not disappointed.

Thaule resort is located in Hambatota province, directly on Lake Yoda. It is a five hour drive from Colombo. Although a new airport was built in this southern province, there is only one flight per day to and from this airport, located near Yala National Park. In 2014 I actually flew from this airport to Dubai, a connection that is no longer offered.

The owner of Thaulle Resort, Thillag…, spends about half the year in Germany in a family business. He has combined Singalese tradition with European comfort to create an offer appealing to Ayurveda guests and short term visitors taking in the national parks nearby.

The resort is four years old, has a great doctor who oversees treatments, prescribes herbal medicine and offers acupuncture upon request.

Two of the best therapists from a resort I previously frequented (Oasis) moved to this resort, which was one reason for my willingness to give Thaulle a try.

Besides the two hour daily treatments, I took part in yoga lessons as well as used the fitness center, equipped with good cardio machines and a set of dumbbells.

Hans with Yoga teacher

Ten excursions helped round out the 20 day visit, including a visit to a girls’ school, the beach, three temples, safaris, a boat trip on Lake Yoda and a local market. Bicycles were available to use. In the neighbourhood was a makeshift cricket pitch, where I joined the local youth on three occasions for a pick up game.

Local Cricket pitch, Hans batting

Visit to a local Girls’ school

A Sri Lankan Temple

A tree in Lake Yoda

Girl at a temple festival

Temple figures

Kataragama Pilgrimage Temple

Favorite medium of transport: A TukTuk

Traditional market

Mango tree with shop salesperson

Ayurveda helps me „come down“, rejuvenate myself (especially important after my July back operation) and recharge my batteries.

Ayurveda Eye treatment

Hans with King Coconut

I refrained from alcohol, lost a few kilos and will continue to take the same medicine at home that Dr. Upal had given me during the retreat.


Rebooked for December 2019 already, I am very happy with the results of the treatments, which included head, face, foot and other massage forms. The sychron massage (two therapists working on me at the same time), eye and nasal treatments, and three of the five „Panchakarma“ elements – cleansing of the system-nasal and intestinal tracks.


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