Introducing Motosumo

Introducing Motosumo 1280 720 Hans Muench

Motosumo is my latest client. I find their smartphone based solution very interesting for clubs and their members. Motosumo is easy to use and install, provides one touch capturing of data (especially indoor cycling) and let instructors and members interact based on real-time data, which allows for fun, social and intelligent training in any group fitness environment.

Motosumo.comMotosumo already has a high market share in Scandinavia, and the expansion into other countries has begun:


Create a team spirit in indoor bike classes with only 30 minutes preparation

In Nykøbing Falster, Denmark, Danish Fitness (Dansk Fitness) has since March 2018 used the team app Motosumo. Since the introduction of the Motosumo solution instructor Thomas Dobel has experienced that members have better opportunities to compete, compare, and cooperate – and it has been easy for the members to adopt across levels of ability.

”It is important to me that everyone can join the team from day one. The Motosumo app facilitates a team spirit making the training more fun and inspiring for newcomers as well as elite triathletes”, says Thomas Dobel.

Powermeter or sensor equipped bikes or no tech at all. Motosumo provides a unique opportunity to connect participants independent of bike model. Participants only have to download the app, which measures key parameters even on bikes without sensors (by using built in sensors of the phone) – while also connecting to the new Bluetooth enabled technology bikes. It means that every member in every gym can join – no matter the bike model.

Join the ride

The decision for Danish Fitness in NF to introduce Motosumo in their classes has been driven by a desire to increase their reach to members while keeping the investment costs at a minimum.

“We want to offer our members exciting group classes embracing as many of our members as possible and providing them significant value. With Motosumo 70 per cent of the participants joined the app ride already in the first month – and that is achieved without investing in any new equipment,” says gym owner Mikael Bülow.

Also instructor preparation was simple: 30 minutes before the Monday morning class bike instructor Thomas Dobel placed smartphone fixtures on every bike in the room. Participants downloaded the team app and have been using it since.

”Anyone can upgrade their bike classes in 30 minutes, if you give a dedicated instructor the opportunity, and of course we hope many gyms will do exactly that,” says CEO of Motosumo, Kresten Juel Jensen.


Those interested can arrange for a demo, contact me for further details.