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My travels allow me to catch up on my work and reading while in transit. Last week, I stumbled upon an article by Lee Boyce, titled “Fitness: The healthiest industry, creating the unhealthiest minds“.

In his candid and forthright essay, Lee investigates the subject of social media and mental health in relation to fitness especially for trainers and influencers, and I highly recommend anyone in the fitness industry to read it.
When I shared the article with my peers, I was encouraged to share my point of view on the subject, so here it goes:

In the 70‘s playing competitive tennis in North America I did not feel that I was the most talented, but the fittest with a will to win. If, against opponents that were „better than me“ I could get into the third set, I knew I would have the edge.
In 1986-87 I founded and ran the Suedtiroler Tennis, Fitness and Mental Training Camp in Marlengo, Italy. “Sharpening the saw“ as Steven Covey used in his „7 habits of highly effective people“ is a maxim I have tried to apply.
I feel the the mental side of the fitness business is the next big frontier, which can include a number of things, including behavioral change, language training or other mental exercises.
May you thrive and prosper in all facets of your fitness journey.
Till next time,