Looking Back – Looking Forward.

Looking Back – Looking Forward. 900 600 Hans Muench

One night this month I awoke and reflected on the great experiences I had with my life and work …


Places I have lived in:

  • Toronto (for the first 16 years of my life)
  • San Diego (finished high school in southern California)
  • Miami (first two years of college)
  • Portland, Oregon (graduated with a degree in management, minor in philosophy)
  • Hawaii – spent three months with an international tennis management company
  • Hong Kong – worked in various tennis facilities over three years in the early 80’s
  • Munich: over 20 years of my life, in three different stages
  • Columbia, South Carolina (where I completed my MBA in International Business)
  • Bochum, Germany: integrated fitness into a racquet facility, fitness distribution company
  • Meran, Südtirol (northern Italy) running a tennis-fitness-mental training camp
  • Austria: managed tennis programmes in several towns, including Going (Stanglwirt, Tirol), Villach (Kärnten), Rauris / Badgastein (Land Salzburg), Spittal (Millstädtersee) and Vienna
  • Boston: serving five years as IHRSA’s first Director of International Development
  • Switzerland: Sarnen (Obwalden) in 1984-85 and Winterthur (permanent since 2014)


Where I have worked:

I am grateful for having worked in different categories of the health and fitness sector, including:

  • Suppliers – 12 years (Life Fitness and Nautilus Group)
  • Education – 8 years (NASM, German University of Health and Prevention-MBA program)
  • Associations – 13 years (2 roles at IHRSA: Director International / Director of Europe; VDF)
  • Software – 6 years (Virtuagym / Global Well Systems)
  • Headhunting – placements for companies like Pavigym, Les Mills, Milon and Eleiko
  • Distributor search (Shapemaster-UK, Club Joy-NL, Water Form-FR)
  • Event Support: Meet the Top (Germany), Gym Factory (Spain), MBM (Sweden)
  • Speaking engagements (in over 20 countries including DE, CH, PL, CZ, ES, PT, FR, NL, NO, DK, FI, UK, TK, SR, CIS, US, CA, KW, UAE, TH, ML, JP)
  • Research: over a dozen projects including Face Force (DE), TSG (NZ/UK), and Fustra (FI)


Some of the great colleagues, friends and family in my life:

FITC President Bryan O’Rourke, Christian Pierar David Minton and Fausto de Guilio

with Gottfried Wurpes 30 years Technogym in Austria

with Layla Timergaleeva

with my Son at Wembley Stadium London

With the Virtuagym team and Stephan Müller

with Thomas Woods outside Saints and Stars Amsterdam

with Winfried Horstenkamp


Looking forward

I try to keep current and fresh, using the Covid-19 phase to up my knowledge and skills. Sharing knowledge as a speaker on various webinars and podcasts, including co-moderating my first Clubhouse room March 16th on the topic of Pilates.

Articles from me have been printed in a dozen trade publications, including Fitness Business Japan, BodyMedia, Fitness Management (DE) and Fitness Society, Fitnesss Tribune (CH), Health Club Management (Handbook), Il Nuovo Club (Italy), as well as online (fitness.at), which I continue to do gladly, sharing my perspectives on a health and fitness industry in a state of flux.

It has been an honour for me to serve dozens of clients, including Virtuagym (Netherlands, with an office in Medellin, Colombia), Urban Sports Club (DE and EUR), FCMJ (NL) Water Form (France), Motosumo (DK) and Dorent (Finland), and many more.

I feel grateful for what I have been able to experience, an international career with great friends around the globe that I value greatly. While it is good to reminisce, my focus is moving forward into my last career phase, to be of service to companies eager to expand across borders, mentor upcoming leaders and serve wherever there a need…open for business!


Till Next Time!