“Made in Germany” – Fitness Technology Worth Following

“Made in Germany” – Fitness Technology Worth Following 900 600 Hans Muench

Here are four interesting developments, not yet in Canada but in thousands of clubs in Europe, Middle East and Asia making waves. Each of these companies are sponsors of IHRSA´s European Congress in Amsterdam (www.ihrsa.org/congress):

Milon (www.milon.com): an electronic strength and cardio circuit that uses chip card technology that sets up the ideal range of motion, seat height and weight for users. A motor instead of a weight stack provides resistance, and makes  “Heavy negative” training possible. Circuits for Pure strength and a mix of strength and cardio are offered.


Miha Body Tec (v4.miha-bodytec.com): using EMS technology (electro-muscular stimulation), Miha´ssystem intensifies muscle contraction in selected exercises. Over 2.000 units are in the market, including various franchises such as Body Street (160 locations) that claim 20 minutes once per week is as effective as 2-3 weekly weight training sessions.



Pixformance (pixformance.com): formed in 2012 by the owners of Mrs. Sporty (560 women´s only franchise clubs http://www.mrssporty.co.uk), this concept won the 2014 FIBO innovation award. The unit looks like a man size IPhone that shows exercises to be performed and provides feedback and corrections on form and speed of execution thanks to a built-in camera.



EGym (my.egym.com) also offers an electronic strength circuit which, similar to Milon, uses motorized resistance and allows users to create their own fitness team, compare results with friends and share results on Facebook.






E-Fighting(www.efighting.de/efighting-in-english/):  this virtual box trainer offers various programs for different fighting forms, team variations, etc. Users hit lighted targets and receive feedback. In a boxring delivered as part of the system, users can see statistics on previous workouts.




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