My Journey in Fitness


A German and Canadian citizen, Hans has a Masters in International Business Studies from University of South Carolina. His first contact with the Fitness industry was in 1970 when he trained with Olympic athletes at the Fitness Institute in Toronto.

Europe & Asia

In Europe since 1979, he ran tennis programs in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, and launched a tennis-fitness-mental training camp in Italy 1986-87. He also worked in several facilities in Hong Kong. Later he became the assigned Project Manager in one of Germany’s largest racquet facilities, where he designed and implemented the fitness facility.

Clubs & Distribution

As Chief Development officer for a chain of clubs (Elixia), Hans gained insight into club acquisitions and private equity.

Hans has also worked 12 years on the distribution side of the fitness and leisure business, including equipment manufacturers Nautilus and Life Fitness, the leading education provider in the fitness industry in Germany, BSA as well as a software company, Global Well Systems.

IHRSA & Speaker

Hans has been a speaker at events in 18 countries, and rejoined IHRSA as Director of Europe in January 2008. Since then he has been to 26 European countries collaborating with members and suppliers, supporting partners and attending approx. 100 events as the “eyes, ears and face” of IHRSA in Europe.

Independent Contractor

Early 2014 Hans moved to Winterthur, Switzerland and has continued his work for IHRSA from there as an independent contractor, while serving select clients in various capacities: Presentations, strategic planning, distribution assistance, market research, club tours in various cities (i.e. for Rick Caro’s Faust Round Table) etc.

Lecturer, Speaker, Consultant

In March 2016 Hans began pursuing new opportunities, including a part-time teaching position at the German University of Fitness, Health and Prevention in their MBA program, public speaking at various industry events (Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Spain) and selectively working with suppliers and club operators focused on growth.