My trips and meetings in April

My trips and meetings in April 2000 1250 Hans Muench

The weather has gotten warmer, meaning the tennis season has begun (I have played five times so far). Fitness clubs are also open, I have trained four times.

Over Easter I spent five days in the Lago Maggiore region, with beautiful vistas of the lake straddling Tessin (the south Swiss county where Italian is the official language) and bella Italia.

New clients:

After my five year work with Amsterdam-based Virtuagym ended in April, I completed a software research project for the German-speaking (DACH) market for Club Planner, a Dutch sales management and retention solutions provider. Thanks to Peter van de Kwaak for inviting me to tackle this challenging task. Those interested in the online survey results can contact me.

Supporting the Fitness Industry Technology Council, I welcome two new international members: Professor Carl Rohde (of Science of the Times) who has started a “Cool Fitness Hunt” and Annie Faltman, owner of four STC clubs in Sweden.

Visitors welcome:

My daughter Felicia spent a week with me while opening the 15th store of Motelamiio in Zurich, which gave us a chance  to visit the wonderful Zurich Zoo…which animal do you best connect with? I had many favourites, but if I had to pick one, it would be the elephant.

My new website makeover has just been completed, I am eager to receive your feedback on the new experience!

Future travels:

My two Covid-19 vaccine appointments are now reserved (19 May/16 June).

As of July 1, will enjoy 95% protection and will be able to travel freely without negative tests (but still required to wear a mask as it now seems to be planned by various governments).
I have trips in planning to Germany, Netherlands and UK, then in August to North America.

Events to come:

Travel this fall with live events and trade shows starting again: I plan to be at five of them through November, including Meet the Top (Frankfurt), IHRSA (Dallas), Mountain Moves (Arosa), FIBO (Köln) and ISPO (Munich). See all my latest events here.

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  • Thanks Kristen for the website relaunch and for helping with this, and previous blogs. It is truly a sign of these modern times that we met through a friend while you were working in the Middle East. You moved on, from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, then Germany, France, to Canada and are now living in London. We have met four times over the past years: twice in Germany, once in Paris, and in California. Your work was always top shelf, reliable and on time. Good luck on your ongoing journey…in some ways similar to mine – my having lived and worked in seven countries on three continents, and through the approx. 60 countries I have visited, I value the friendships and business relationships that have developed over the years. The pandemic has brought me back together with people I got to know as far back as the 70’s, so Covid-19 has its good sides as well…for me the glass is always half full vs. half empty. Danke, merci, thank you Kristen for helping me get out of my comfort zone, create a website and do a regular blog.