January 13, 2019 Hans Muench

25-15-5: My 2018 year in review

Looking back on 2018, I reflect on all I have seen and experienced. Here are my highlights:


  1. It was a pleasure to serve 25 different clients in 15 countries (spread over five continents). I attended 25 events in nine different countries. In total over 50 cities were visited in 18 countries, (including one new one for me– Morocco).


  1. I gave 11 presentations in nine cities: Eden (NL), Bologna (IT), Madrid (ES), Kornwestheim and twice in Cologne (DE), Helsinki (FI), Halmsted (Sweden) twice) and Kalkar (DE-NL).


  1. Giving back: I enjoyed three lecture weeks in the MBA Programme of the German University for Health and Prevention (DHfPG) in Saarbrücken, focused on strategic planning and marketing. In 2019, this will continue, with a campus in Köln added for the first time.


  1. Articles were written for five trade publications in four countries: Fitness Tribune (CH), F&G, Fitness Management and Bodylife (DE), Gym Factory (ES) and Il Nuovo Club (IT).


  1. Association work:
    In my role as Advisory Council member for AFS (Boutique Association based in California), I helped their international development through awareness, press activities, social media and growing their database. I will attend their first Succeed conference in Show April 12-14, 2019 in Irvine, CA.
    I also attended two IHRSA events (San Diego and Lisbon), maintained good relations with the trade organisation that played a significant role in my career.


  1. One day after my 60th birthday this summer I underwent back surgery to solve an issue which restricted me for six months (including pre- and post operation limitations and rehab)

Top trips:


  • Skiing plus ISPO show / lunch in Munich with son Julian;
  • France-Lyon (Anthony Barquisseau/L’Appart Fitness); Geneva/Lausanne (Let’s Go)


  • Amsterdam-Uden (Netherlands) trip, giving a presentation at the VES event
  • Presentation at Forum in Bologna, (Italy) and a visit with buddy Nic Tiepolo in Venice


  • Meet the Top, Mallorca (Spain), then hung out in Barcelona with two artist friends
  • Swiss Association (SFCV) event in Luzern, then to Paris for the Mondial Fitness show
  • Toronto stopover both ways en route to San Diego, including a day in Tijuana, Mexico with friends Darius from university days and Solveig from Hamburg


  • EHFF Forum / FIBO show (Cologne, Germany)
  • Attended my daughter Felicia’s graduation ceremony in Munich


  • Glucker event two presentations, visiting a Western (cowboy) weekend event closeby
  • Gym Factory (Madrid) presentation (I serve as event Ambassador)
  • En route to the Memo Digital Media Conference in Wiesbaden, Germany I stopped at relatives in Buggingen (Baden, Germany) and the headquarters of MyLine
  • Presented at the headquarters of Eleiko in Halmsted (Sweden) for CMS and Friskis & Svettis), meeting Copenhagen-based client Motosumo on the way


  • Functional Training Summit in Munich – Grünwald


  • Back Operation in Schaffhausen, CH where I spent five days


  • Toronto (flew with my children Felicia and Julian); visited my brother’s cottage on a lake in Ontario and celebrated my mother’s 92nd birthday going to the Rogers Cup tennis tournament


  • Riga, (Latvia) stopover to have lunch with Impuls / Lemon Gym CEO Vidmantas Suigdinis en route to Helsinki Finland (gave a presentation on a boat), returning back via Stockholm, Sweden
  • Amsterdam visit to client Virtuagym, then the Fitness Wellness Top show in Houten (NL), flying back via Munich to enjoy Oktoberfest with brother Guff  from Vancouver


  • Six day trip to Lisbon (IHRSA European Congress)  and Porto (Portugal)


  • Leonding, Austria via Salzburg, then to Passau (DE) to visit my son Julian; onward to Straubing, then Munich for lunch with Felicia and finally to Eching for a book presentation by author Regine Trat called “Lebenswert”
  • Marrakech/ (SIBEC B2B table top event) going through Porto there and Madrid back
  • An eight day trip starting in Amsterdam, then to Kalkar for a presentation, lecture series in Saarbrücken with a stop in Metz (FR) to visit a BasicFit club and a traditional Christmas market
  • Berlin-Hamburg trip 28-30.11. with nine meetings in three days


  • Amsterdam meetings with longstanding client Virtuagym, travelling back via  Munich to see my adult kids one last time to exchange gifts and provide support where needed
  • Finally, returned to Sri Lanka  for my fifth Ayurveda retreat, this time at Thaulle Resort near Yala National Park. A dozen excursions rounded out the trip (see my separate blog post on this amazing country and its people)


Will I be slowing down in 2019? It is possible, but I caught the travel bug in the 1970’s, which has stuck with me. So given the opportunity, I will continue my journeys for business and pleasure…as time and opportunity permit, I try to combine both on the same trip.


Till next time!


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  1. Albert Hoeberechts

    Hi Hans,

    You obviously still have the best job in Europe, possibly in the world.

    Albert Hoeberechts

  2. Richard Earney

    It’s been a big year for you Hans! As per usual, all over the place, influencing many people.

    Keep inspiring.

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