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Hans Muench

A German & Canadian citizen, Hans has lived and worked in 7 countries. With over 30 years experience in the fitness industry, Hans has a 360 degree view of the market. Clients and companies abroad look to Hans for his network and experience to help them make informed decisions and minimize risk. Today, his field of activity stretches across speaking engagements, lecturing, writing, consulting, and conducting market research.

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My trips in March and April

My trips in March and April 835 537 Hans Muench

My first trip was Wednesday March 9th to watch a German top league (DEL) ice hockey game in Villingen-Schwenningen between the VS Wild Wings and the third placed Wolfsburg Grizzlies…

My travels in January & February

My travels in January & February 649 532 Hans Muench

2022 trips to Spain, Luxemburg & Sri Lanka In January I visited Sri Lanka – my 8 th visit – for 14 days of Ayurveda in Thaulle Resort. It worked!…

My travels in August & September

My travels in August & September 900 600 Hans Muench

Canada in August Toronto August 2-15: Returning «home» was particularly special this year – my Mom’s 95th birthday was celebrated with a family get together including my brother Guff who…

My trips in July

My trips in July 900 676 Hans Muench

It was nice to play various games (throwing a football around, bocci, tennis, backgammon), visited the English Garden and the Aumeister Biergarten, and finally had a celebratory birthday dinner in…

My Work

My Areas of Expertise:

Fitness Consultant

Collaboration with clients in the fitness industry on three continents since 1970.

Speaking Engagements

Bringing expertise and industry trends to events in over 18 countries.

Extensive Network

I’m fortunate to have made great connections to industry professionals around the globe.

Executive Sparring Partner

I enjoy mentoring executives and fitness professionals of all skill levels.

Author & Researcher

With 40+ years in the industry, I support businesses with analysis and advice.

IHRSA Core Member

As a long-time serving member of IHRSA, I support the organization in over 26 European country.

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